Inspirational Speaking   

Since surviving her well-documented whistle blowing experience,
Anne is becoming increasingly sought as an inspirational speaker.

Her value as a speaker is rooted in the fact that she is so extremely at ease with talking about her experience and telling her story. She  didn't set out to be a public speaker but her whistle blowing experience thrust her into the spotlight and she easily adapted to a public role. She has detailed the events of her experiences at the FAA many times, for many audiences large and small, both in the media as well as in various other  forums.

Her ability to identify and separate the many angles that can be explored make her invaluable to organizations who are striving be make positive changes.  Anne enjoys sharing her many experiences, both good and bad, humorous and serious, and all are riveting. 

From a company's standpoint, Anne speaks expertly on the subjects of safety, accountability, and how to provide safe avenues for employees with concerns to be heard at all levels. She explores in detail the plight faced by every would-be whistler blower and how companies can protect them. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining their fair and equal treatment. She can make valuable suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls associated with ignoring problems at the earliest stage. 

From the employee's perspective, she speaks equally expertly on sensitive matters like identifying a problem, deciding to speak up, when and whether to do so... and most importantly, how to go about it. 


In addition to her sharp mind, Anne will engage any tool at her disposal to craft a compelling and informative presentation, all the while remaining accessible and approachable. She speaks passionately and from her heart, not from a script. Having faced a virtual firing squad of tough questions throughout the investigation process as well as under the constant media scrutiny, Anne is highly adept at organizing her thoughts and providing clear answers. In fact, she welcomes the question portion of any speaking engagement, and encourages audience participation as it inevitably leads to greater shared knowledge for everyone in the room.
She knows of what she speaks, for she still lives it every day. Only now, the experiences that have burdened and pained her for years, are the same experiences that render her extremely insightful and give her the drive and commitment to help others and educate businesses.

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