Anne in the news...

Anne was a guest on the Oprah Show in September of 2005

Throughout the ongoing process of both investigations, Anne was repeatedly interviewed and featured on various local and national newscasts, a few of which are posted below.

KMOV - News 4, St Louis

This story featured a few of the early incidents that Anne reported, which led to a federal investigation, and the results of that investigation showing that the FAA was in fact guilty of covering up errors and blaming pilots.

NBC 5, Dallas

2 FAA Managers removed after report that managers covered up errors.

CBS 11 - News at 10, Dallas

Top story: the announcement of results of the 2nd investigation report from the Department of Transportation.

CBS 11 - News at 10, Dallas

Anne talks about the harassment and abuse she suffered as a whistle blower, even though all of her allegations were confirmed.

NBC - Channel 8 News, Dallas

Anne talks about the investigation, her working conditions, and her ongoing concerns about air travel safety.

NBC - Channel 8 News, Dallas

After 25 years of impeccable service to the FAA, and 12 years of reporting mistakes and being ostrecized, threatened, and harassed,  Anne decides to retire.