Meet Anne Whiteman


Air Traffic Controller turned advocate for justice and human decency, Anne made headline news when she blew the whistle on the FAA  for covering up serious errors and safety violations that put thousands of people's lives in danger every day. She wasn't trying to make news, in fact that kind of publicity and attention went  against every fiber of her being... she was just looking for a resolution, an end to the acts of wrong-doing and the unthinkable risk that came with them.

Despite all the attention she was getting, Anne couldn't have felt more alone.
Abandoned and labeled by those she thought were friends, bullied by those who should have protected her, and disappointed by a system that failed her and the American public, Anne had very few people left to trust or turn to. And the few who wanted to help her, were powerless in doing so. The years that followed have been extremely traumatic, as well as emotionally and financially devastating for Anne.

And it's not over.  Anne is still fighting for justice.
Now retired from a career she adored, Anne remains passionate about the safety of the flying public and she continues to seek a resolution to a problem she swears still exists, despite all her efforts. Beyond that, she now has a new mission as well, which is to inspire and encourage others like her, to educate society on the plight of whistleblowers and the hardships they face, to fight the shame and ridicule that is thrust upon them, and to promote a culture where these heroes are appreciated, valued, and protected.

Today, Anne is an advocate for whistle blowers everywhere, and this courageous woman has something to share with anyone who has ever felt the gripping fear of the consequences that often come from doing the right thing.

Her inspiring new book will be released later this year, and her speaking engagements have already received wide acclaim from various organizations.

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